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Convert licensing model from User/Device to Concurrent - is there downtime

Cindy Vickers



We recently converted our existing User/Device licenses to Concurrent and these are loaded into our Licensing server

We also purchased more Concurrent licenses and these have also been loaded into our Licensing server

So all the licenses are ready to use but our licensing model is still on User/Device until I convert it through Studio

I just was wondering if there is any downtime when converting to Concurrent?

Will sessions using an existing User/Device license be affected? Or will they just naturally start using a Concurrent license from the next logon?

Do thin clients need to be rebooted to detect the new licensing model? 

Thanks in advance

Citrix Licensing model.JPG

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hey Cindy,


as far as I know and have seen licenses are always consumed at the start of the Citrix session. Therefore they will just naturally start using a Concurrent license from the next logon. In addition however they also re-check during the session every X minutes so if your valid licensing dissapears a notification will appear and if valid replacement licensing is already in place it will be consumed on the spot, fully transparent.


So changing the options in studio should not affect the ongoing sessions and even if it turns out you are missing something license-wise and it's not enough, there will be nothing more than a display warning as citrix clients go into a grace period (will be mentioned clearly on screen and in the event viewer). You'll even get a 30day grace period to fix it during which your sessions will still work.

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Hi Andy,

Thanks for your reply.

I called Citrix support and not confident of what I was told. 

They said there wouldn't be anything noticed by end users already in a session.  So no notification.

They said sometimes a reboot of the license server is needed to force the switch over to concurrent if the concurrent licenses don't naturally start being consumed.

Our grace period has expired so that's why I'm seeking clarification on this.

I plan on leaving the user/device licenses loaded in the license server (until concurrent licenses are in use) so worse case scenario and I need to revert back to user/device.


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