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Chrome and WEM

Campbell Kay


Hi Guys,


Has anyone had issues with Chrome and WEM enabled.


i have users reporting that Chrome is slow to load, it freezes often, they get like a white screen sometimes.


it doesn't look like it actually crashes in the event logs.


i have WEM optimization enabled, im not doing any CPU clamping or anything


i have CPU Spikes Protection enabled


CPU Limit: 24%

Sample Time: 30%

Idle Priority Time: 180s


Enable Intelligent CPU Optimization: Enabled

Enabled Intelligent I/O Optimization: Enabled


purely just the memory optimizations

Idle time is set to 10min and Idle State Limit 1% (maybe this needs to be adjusted slightly)


any ideas or any troubleshooting items to confirm its actually WEM or i am i looking in the wrong place.





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We are still working through a similar problem.

Based on our CPU count  Limit 24% Limit Sample Time 15 Idle Priority 180

Set chrome.exe and iexplore.exe <--- don't put the exe in the setting to below normal.

We are looking at setting I/O optimization to low for these two applications.

We left memory optimization as is.

One thing that helped -

HLKM\..services\CtxUvi\UviProcessExcludes\  < --- adding chrome.exe here.

One thing we are also looking at is setting chrome to only use 1 CPU as a possible remediation provided by Citrix support.


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