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citrix xenapp server cannot access sharename

Elie Tanios


my citrix environment consists of 5 xenapp servers and a profilestore where profiles are redirected.


on one of my xenapp servers, the users are getting a message whenever they log in to their citrix profile: windows cannot access their profile path.


after checking the server remotely, we have found out that this machine is not able to access the sharename to the profilestore, but can access the profiles if we go through the //serverhostname/d$/profilesfolder so it is not a dns issue.


any thoughts on this please.



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This sounds like a simple security rights problem imho. I would just check them and follow the chain. Make sure the profiles share gives access to everyone full control and set NTFS to be restrictive so that restrictions are in effect under all conditions.

If you end up finding that the security descriptors on the faulty xenapp server are corrupted you may consider re-cloning it from a good one

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Thank you for your response.

we are facing the same issue today with another xenapp server where users dont have access to the sharename of their profiles and their profiles as set in the group policies and upm through Profiles folder redirection.

surely one of the mapped network drives pointing to the same sharename is not accessible.


if we rdp to the server through administrator, we have the same issue as well accessing folder through the sharename but can be accessed through the network path.


Restarting the xenapp server did not help.


updating group policy solves the issue. yet we want to get down to the root cause of the issue.


we know that the group policy is already applied since all users configuration is applied but does not access this required specific sharename path but access other sharenames.


in what way is updating group policy helping to access this sharename?


thank you




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The fact that another xenapp server today has the same problem kind of starts ruling out problem with the actual first Xenapp server. So it sounds more like a general problem on the profile server or on all xenapp servers. I would look in that direction.


I cannot think immediately of a way in which applying group policy affects your security except for the fact that it rechecks all security descriptors etc. Therefore that sort of question is way to vague and general in order to be helpful to your cause. Rather than throwing out that sort of question I recommend you to troubleshoot from the actual NTFS and share security settings all the way back to the root cause. Follow the thread instead of trying to link group policy out of the blue to the symptoms. If group policy turns out to be part of the root cause following the thread will eventually lead you there anyway.


If you have trouble doing basic troubleshooting you can post your ntfs and share security settings here for us to guide you through it.


Also as part of the basic troubleshooting do check if all your basic dns/wins nameresolution is resolving fast  and correct both on profile server and xenapp server. If a dns server on the list of their network settings was removed for instance and long timeouts could cause things like this, just to name 1 of a 1000 possible causes.


either way, do not gamble between 1000 possible root causes but check all basics and follow the thread where it leads





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