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Outlook 365 on VDI

John Francis1709160537


I have the UPM profile setup and it also created an Outlook folder and the XML document is there in the Outlook folder, but every time I launch the desktop and open Outlook on the desktop it keeps updating the mailbox, sent items and other folders. Is this a normal behavior or something else needs to be done? 


Sometimes, I even got prompted to login to my Office 365 account. We have On Prem Exchange servers and we are using Office 365. I have setup the registry settings for Autodiscover that has helped me not pointing the logon screen all the time which it stopped after that, but these are the current issues I am facing on the VDI.


I know this is more of an Outlook question that I am posting here. But, I would like to get some info from the experts here has anyone faced the same issue.



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2 hours ago, David Clark1709160691 said:

You really need to look at FSLogix.  Microsoft recently bought the company and I believe the license is now baked into the RDS CAL.


How does FSLogix which is an app layering software help in like ensuring that the users are logging onto the On Prem exchange server with their login credentials instead of logging into Office 365? I was able to do the AutoDiscover, but that only takes me to login to Office 365 and I can launch Outlook without the prompt. If I do not have the Autodiscover in the registry it actually starts prompting me with my On Prem server credentials. 


My goal is until we move to the cloud, I want the users to logon to the On Prem server without being prompted with the UserID and password. As not all have account on the cloud yet.

Outlook Issue_LI.jpg

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