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StoreFront & Controller on the same server Certificate issue

Antonio Salva


I have StoreFront and Delivery Controller on the same servers (Two servers with both SF & Controller). So I have used a NS to balance the SF access.

I use a Windows CA for crearte the certificates because we have no external access.

So both Server have the corresponding machine certificate and also the web server certifcate with the virtual name asociated to the Virtual IP installed. The web server certificate is also intalled in the NS.


But the SF cannot comunicate with the Controller by HTTPS because the XML service show the Web Server certificate instead of the machine one. If we use HTTP intead of HTTPS there is no problem. but when we set XML to use HTTPS, no aplications are shown and an error about the incorrect certificarte name is shown in the Event Viewer.


In this case, it is necesary or betther use HTTPS when SF & Controller are in the same server? If so, how can I solve this issue?

Thank in advance for your help!


Notye: I am using XensDesktop 7.15 LTSR CU4.


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