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StoreFront via NS GW - Load Balancer vs GLSB

Stan Svetec

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Consider I have 2 StoreFront servers:  ServerA and ServerB

I have a bunch of 12.1 NS Gateways and Load Balancers.  I have some StoreFront servers configured for internal use via GSLB.  Everything internally for GSLB works as expected.  Regardless of whether GSLB sends me to ServerA or ServerB...connections and ICA sessions work great.


In my session profiles for Published Apps on the Gateway, I have of course, my GSLB URL configured.  I notice when I login via the Gateway, if I get sent over to ServerB, I'm met with 'Cannot complete your request'.  If I click it a few times, I'll somehow eventually end up on ServerA and I can launch apps as needed.


On the Gateway, I then configured a traditional Load Balancer (settings such as Persistence etc are configured identically to those serving GSLB) and put both ServerA and ServerB into Load Balancing.  I change the Session Profiles for Published Apps to use this Load Balancer so I'm not using GSLB at all.  When I login via the Gateway, everything works as expected.  I can hit ServerB without issue.


Anyone know what's up here?



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What do your internal/external/gslb URLs look like and what is the authentication method externally? To me it sounds like your Netscaler Gateway settings in StoreFront are not quite correct in terms of the URLs (Citrix Gateway URL, vServer IP address, Callback URL and GSLB URL). Have a look at this article, it's really useful, and then compare it to your setup.





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