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Can you select a specific server out of the queue?

Bill Clark1709159029


Running XenApp 7.15 and have the primary queue of 14 servers publishing desktops only.  These servers are created and updated using MCS.  Occasionally, a user will report an issue with the particular desktop they were logged onto and we'd like to test and see if we don't get the same issue by logging into the same XenApp server they are on.  As the environment is now, if we log onto the Citrix Receiver and launch the "desktop" application, it will be completely random between those 14 servers as to which one we get.  We have been able to put all the other servers in maintenance mode, then launch the application, and once the desktop loads turn off maintenance mode, but that is time-consuming and a bit of a pain.  Is there a simpler solution to this?

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