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SQL Mirroring - Constant Restoring

Joshua Lindemann


I've setup the SQL database mirroring in the past, but for some reason we had to break the connection.  Going back and trying to get HA in place again I'm re-setting everything back up again.  But in doing so I'm finding that the databases I restore to my mirror server are constantly in "restoring..." mode.  And they never come out of it.


I went through all my notes properly, and I've looked online and I've done it correctly.  I've tried it numerous times, but "restoring..." just won't go away.

Databases are backed up FULL

When restored, chose the option NORECOVERY


When building the mirror it shows that everything is synchronized, but it's still showing the restoring... indicator.  (see attached image) It's been like this for the past 24hours.


I'm just afraid that if it were to fail over to the mirror, it won't be able to properly access the database and HA won't be there. (since you typically can't access the database when it's in that mode)



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