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Citrix Hypervisor 8.0 on Cisco B200 M3 Blade

Steve Tezak1709152550


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I don't run Cisco but since 7.1 is on the HCL you stand a very good chance 8.0 will work just fine.  If no one else 

chimes in that has it installed and running then installing and running some test VM's would be the route to

go to prove it reliable before throwing into production.




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It seems to take a very long time for HW to get onto the HCL these days; you're better off to just try and see yourself. If you can just spare a single unit and if necessary just temporarily, that's all you really need for a POC. I have a 10+ year old pair of Dell R200 units that still work with 8.0! You won't know for sure unless you try.



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