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Bare metal server 2016 NIC teaming - mac changes

Brian Langston


We are moving some xenapp servers to 2016 and the Windows 2016 NIC teaming (on bare metal servers) will team, but the NIC will change depending on which NIC it uses. I have tried setting the MAC manually in the team's nic configuration, but that results in EVERY system that boots getting that MAC, as PVS is not aware of the field.


Is there a way to force server 2016 NIC teaming to use the NIC from the first NIC in the team? We use M-DHCP reservations, and while the servers will boot every time via PXE with the proper MAC, it's causing issues when it gets a reserved IP one time in windows, and then a dynamically assigned one the next boot.

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1 minute ago, Carl Fallis said:

PVS only supports NIc teaming using BroadCom and HP Nic teaming software and it will not work with multi-port NICs.  .  If you using other software it will not work.   


Does Broadcom or HP even offer Nic Teaming software any longer? I thought that was all retired once Windows Server supported native OS NIC teaming. I'll check to see if HP still has any teaming software available.



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We have never been able to support Microsoft's Native OS Nic teaming because of the MAC address issue  which is what you are experiencing. Per our documentation: 


When configuring NIC teaming, consider the following requirements:

Provisioning Services supports Broadcom, HP branded ‘Moonshot’ Mellanox NICS and Intel NIC teaming drivers. A vDisk that is built after configuring NIC teaming can run Standard or Private Image Mode. Broadcom NIC Teaming Drivers v9.52 and 10.24b are not compatible with Provisioning Services target device drivers.

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