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Remote GSLB Service - MEP or Monitor?

Gregor Blaj

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Is there a benefit in using MEP to relay remote service status vs using a bound monitor? Based on the documentation, RTT and Static Proximity methods can still be used with a bound monitor.




For GSLB methods to work with a remote site, either MEP must be enabled or explicit monitors must be bound to the remote services. If MEP is disabled, RTT, Least Connections, Least Bandwidth, Least Packets and Least Response Time methods default to Round Robin.



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MEP Is the simplest for controlling up and down states as reported by your peer NS and any decision based on connection/RTT other details need from the peer would be reported.

Typically explicit monitors are used if you've got too many sites to rely on MEP in a mesh replication or in scenarios where MEP is failing or unable to be used.


As for which is better, it depends. How many GSLB sites are you dealing with and do you have any issues with the site to site communication?  

For only 2-3 datacenters, use MEP.

If there are other factors or a very large site to site topology or factors interfering with MEP, then we could look at direct monitoring.

Which GSLB load balancing method do you need, and will you still need MEP for exchange of other site to site information?


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1. It's just 2 sites and there are no issues with site to site communication.

2. Yes, MEP is still used for other functions.

3. Method is RTT and using a mix of Source IP and Cookie Insert (proxy) persistence.


I guess with using MEP for tracking state other factors have to be taken into account and defaults modified, such as MEP Time Delay and Trigger Monitor, whereas using standard monitors removes this complexity.

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MEP defaults only need to be adjusted if you are in fact experiencing a delay in probe responses.  The monitor timeouts would have to be adjusted in this case too. 

Frankly, I would use MEP over monitors unless you are having problems with the MEP exchange. 


And since you just stated you will be using it for other functions, just rely on MEP. If it doesn't meet your needs, then add a monitor to the mix.

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