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Outlook 2016 "Out-of-Office Your automatic reply settings cannot be displayed" - but it works after 2 minutes !?

Dragan Vucanovic


I have strange issue:

Citrix environment:

When in web browser launch Citrix receiver, new VDI launches with outlook 2016.

When outlook is launched, email profile is created, email are downloaded-all works fine. However, if i try to configure out-of-office, im getting:

Your automatic reply settings canot be dispayed because the server is currently unavailable

As soon as i log in to Outlook web access, i can create Out-of-office in outlook without any issue.

In non-citrix environment all works fine without need to log in to OWA. This happens for all users.Exchange is on-premise 2016


EDIT 12.07


Reinstalled outlook on master image-no help

Reset Citrix profile -no help


If wait 2 minutes and try configuring Out-of-Office it works



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This sound like an error not related to the Citrix VDI but rather the specific implementation (your current installation procedure) for Outlook 2016 on your Citrix master image. The fact that it functions on local pc's means the Exchange server is configured correctly most likely. Also Outlook web access functions completely on the server and is therefor no reference for your full client installation on your Citrix master image.


I would load up a copy of your master image in editable mode on a separate editor vm machine just as you normally would do in order to make a new build update and play around with reinstallation of your Outlook 2016. Test different parameters in there until you get it right.

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