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Reboot MSC server without rebuild (non-persistent)

Liam OBrien1709160313


Hi all,


We currently have our Citrix environment set to build multiple clones from a master image every night. This works well. My question is, is it possible to make a change to a server mid-day, restart and not have the server cloned again until that night. Currently any changes are lost at reboot.


The reason for the question is that our Antivirus requires a reboot after installation. Why don't we reboot the master before taking a snapshot? Unfortunately the AV needs to be left out of the master to avoid SID conflicts when machines are cloned. The AV is installed every morning as the machine starts up. It then states a reboot is required. Obviously rebooting would cause it rebuild from the master again.


Any help would be great but I have a feeling it's not an option. 

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MCS with temp diff disks on its own isn't going to be able to retain the settings you want if the av is installed, post provisioning as described.

A persistent diff disk would handle this, but then you are getting other considerations.  So, I think layers might be an option instead. My thoughts below.  Sorry for the ramble.


Which AV are you using as their may be some options that that AV supports to get around this? 

And you still might be able to install the AV in the base image and have it detect the identity post provisioning (but that may vary based on the av).  A lot of AV's actually do work properly if installed in base and then managed post-provisioning and pick up the post-provisioned sid.  There are exceptions, but that may just be an antivirus is really unsuitable for this type of deployment.  


And a little googling showed how bad this issue can be with webroot on citrix (https://community.webroot.com/webroot-business-endpoint-protection-20/citrix-provisioning-webroot-195134); and the users' final solution was to do what you did which is install at login.  That may not be the program you are using, but it has a similar issue.  Sigh.  If the reboot is required, you are pretty much stuck, unless you can store the antivirus details between boots which means either a persistent diff disk OR user layers to retain the install and post install settings.


I was originally going to suggest using app layering to capture the antivirus and see if this might get your around the post-provisioning sid issue. And I would still try that; but the better option might very well be to use user layers to preserve the post provisioning data.  Try both methods.  

Here's info on av and regular layers:  https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-app-layering/4/layer/layer-antivirus-apps.html.  But user layers may be the required piece for this one; therefore once the install is handled the post install reboot is handled as well.   This might be the option most likely to work.


Either that or you need to change to an antivirus that works better in a XenDesktop/CVAD provisioned environment.  (Not a great answer, I know.)


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