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UPM and PVS physical booted desktops not saving profile on log off

Daniel Langdon


I was hoping some one could help with my issue of UPM not saving the profile correctly when a user logs off.


There are two main issues that happen.


1.File associations not saving

2.User delete a file or renames it,when they log off and on again it can sometimes revert ?


Our current setup is 200 users running a hyper-V VDI though a HP thin client. (with desktop delivery controller and store front) 

They all get the UPM profiles settings from group policy.

All users on the thin client work with out issue.


I also have 65 designs running on physical desktops that PVS boot an image , all working fine with out issue.


The only problem I am getting is with the UPM not saving correctly as talked about above , they get the same UPM group policy's as the thin client users.


The only difference is ,these are physical devices being booted by PVS but no Delivery controller or store front like the thin clients.

Is there something I have missed ? does UPM need to delivery controler to work correctly.


very strange some parts of UPM are working but other areas are not.





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