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Can't connect to external website using SSL without resetting Internet Explorer 11

Matthew Anstis


Hi All 
Windows 10 , Internet Explorer 11. Staff connect to an external website requiring Citrix Receiver. There is also an SSL certificate securing the external website.  A small percentage of staff have regular issues with connecting to the website and I believe it is a Citrix ICA Client Active X control issue. 
The issue is: When connecting to the particular website, a windows security box appears asking to  "confirm certificate". After that IE 11 freezes  and only an IE reset  and reboot seem to fix the issue for a few days to a week, then it comes back. The next pop up should have been "Windows Security Credential Required - Do you want the App to access your private key?"  
I understand I can implement logging on Citix receiver - would this be a good way to troubleshoot the issue and if so how would I implement please?? 
Compatibility mode, allowing pop ups have been tried. I have deleted the SSL state. Active X filtering is off. Smart screen is off.  
This may have worked but yet to confirm :  Renaming:  HKey Classes Root\protocols\Filter\application/x-ica 
I don't have a copy of task manager but the netlogon service(s) consumed about 50% of CPU. 
Can anyone help please? 
Kind regards 

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