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End to end encryption with Netscaler, Session not starting

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Hi Guys,


in the LAB, i want to test end to end encryption with Netscaler. Connection to the VDA over Netscaler Secure Gateway works fine before applying any changes.


I followed this guide: https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX220062 and enabled SSL on the VDA with:


.\Enable-VdaSSL.ps1 -enable -SSLPort 443 -SSLMinVersion "TLS_1.2" -SSLCipherSuite "COM" -CertificateThumbPrint XXXXXXXXXXX


The connection to the VDA works via Storefront as expected.


But not over the Netscaler, i got the following error message:


The CA Certificate is present in the CA Certificate section in the Netscaler.


The ns.log shows the following message:


Jun 24 20:46:15 <local0.info> 06/24/2019:18:46:15 GMT netscaler-adc 0-PPE-0 : default SSLVPN ICASTART 10409 0 :  Source - Destination - SSLRelayAddress - customername  - username:domainname tklein:dom.local - applicationName XA1 $S1-2 - startTime "06/24/2019:18:46:15 GMT" - connectionId 4c9d01 is the IP of the VDA, but i'm confused because of the SSLRelayAdress Port 2598 - as far as i know, is 2598 not used any more in this constellation.

In the VDA's Event Log i could also find the following events:




What might be the problem in this case?


Many thanks & best regards


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