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Change color depth

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In our old XenApp 6.5 environment running on Server 2008 R2 we would right-click the published application, go under appearance, and select 16-bit for the Maximum color quality.


Our new 7.15 environment is running on Server 2016.  Im pretty sure I have the default of 32-bit.  How and where do I change the color quality/depth to achieve this?  

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Thank you for your responses.  I was hoping to achieve this in more of a manner that Andy is suggesting - either citrix policy, group policy, registry, etc.  I wanted to try with just an existing user or machine in my current delivery group and add remove more if needed.  However, from everything I can find I believe I have to change the color depth on the whole delivery group with the Set-BrokerDesktopGroup command.


Andy, thank you for the suggestion.  I had looked at that but found the note on that setting that says it only applies to legacy mode graphics.  I am not running legacy mode nor do I think its supported on Server 2016.

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I still don't know your exact underlying goals but if you are for instance trying to reserve resources such as video card performance or bandwidth by making graphics less heavy,  have a look at the different available "Visual Display" policy options then such as e.g:



Whatever policy settings you end up choosing, you are very easily able to apply all those settings of choice in 1 policy to a single user or machine, a group of users or machine using the next tab in the policy creation wizard:




and then add more targets to this policy just as easy later on

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Thank you for your response.  I have created a policy with pretty much all of the settings in the "High Server Scalability" template.  Specifically I have: Limit video quality = 480p, Optimize Windows Media redirection = prohibited, Preferred color depth for simple graphics = 16 bits, Target frame rate = 16fps, target minimum frame rate = 8fps, Use video codec for compression = do not use video codec.  However, the session itself is still 24-bit color depth.  If you look at the following registry keys on the VDAs: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Citrix\Ica\Session\sessionid\Connection - ColorDepth and NegotiatedColorDepth.  In Xenapp 6.5 I could just select the properties of my published app/desktop and set the color depth.  These registry values show as 16 (decimal) in my Xenapp 6.5 environment.  In my new XenApp 7.15 environment they show as 24 (decimal).  The only way I have found to change this is to run the command Set-BrokerDesktopGroup referenced by ganeshr above.  I was hoping there was a more granular way where I can pick users/groups like you are referencing but it seems to by a delivery group as a whole setting.

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