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Certbased Auth ADC setting "Anonymous" in Userfield in Chrome and FireFox

Julian Jakob

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I've created nFactor Config with the following auth factors:


- If Usercert is available, ADC is adopting the Username extracted from the UPN in the Cert + LDAP Password

- If no Usercert is available, ADC is showing Gateway Login for Username + LDAP Password + RADIUS


I configured this several times from George, see https://www.jgspiers.com/nfactor-authentication-with-netscaler-gateway/


The only two things which changed now are the ADC Buildversion (latest 12.1) and I edited the XML and replaced ${HTTP.REQ.USER.NAME} with ${AAA.USER.NAME}


Attached my XML Sheet for the CertExtract Login Schema.


Using Internet Explorer from a non-corp device (no Usercert) nFactor is working fine and I have to login with the second factor RADIUS.


Using Google Chrome or FireFox from a non-corp device (no Usercert) nFactor is not working correctly, Username is filled with "Anonymous" and fixed out. So the Fallback to my second factor (Radius) seems not to work. Attached a Screenshot. It's not possible to get the second factor or logon.


Logs in correct order:


- default SSLVPN Message 88426 0 : "Created nFactor session for user j_jakob"

- default AAA LOGIN_FAILED 88429 0 : User j_jakob - Client_ip XXX - Failure_reason "External authentication server denied access"

- default SSLVPN Message 82930 0 : "Created nFactor session for user Anonymous"


Why is this even possible to create a session for "Anonymous" ? Any Ideas? I think problem is on the browser-side, but why?... What's different between IE and Chrome / FireFox?


Thanks and Best Regards



Certbased Auth.JPG

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Turns out that Chrome and Firefox are supporting TLS 1.3, but only for Webtraffic. For using certbased Auth there is a problem / mismatch with the three TLS 1.3 Cipher Suites from the ADC.


Disabled TLS 1.3 on my Content Switch / AAA and only enable TLS 1.2 -> Works.

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