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what software used to take full backup from VM



Hi All,

I want to make full backup for virtual machines inside XenServer , then restore in the case of occurring problems,give me your advice ?

XenServer 6.0.2 managed by everRUN software

virtual machines :windows server 2008 R2 Enterprise

note : i have software called SPPA-T3000 full backup from the vendor of our control system but it makes backup for partitions inside virtual machines individually

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Nope, I missed Acronis which is very popular. Backup software typically is deployed as a VM so no harm

should arise from using any backup product. Depending on how you backup you may have to install

an agent on your VM and that of course could cause issues.  XenCenter by itself just has an export to 

xva/ovf format which requires a VM to be shut down. All of the scripts/backup software use snapshot

technology to make backup copies while your VM is running.




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I would probably start with NAUBackup 




After you get some successful backups you need to upgrade your XenServer to a supported version. 

If everRUN is a requirement you will need to coordinate with them on what they currently support.

I always wanted to use them, but they always seemed to drag so far behind in versions of XenServer

they supported.


After you get upgraded you could look at commercial packages if you need more features. Some of

them are Unitrends (What I use), Alike, CommVault, XenOrchestra, Xackup. I'm sure there are more 

out there I'm forgetting/missing.




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Anytime Tobias ! Its definitely what I would suggest trying to get some backups in place. Either that or shut down

all of the VM's and do an export. After they get XenServer upgraded and on a recent version then concentrating on a 

commercial product may be something to look at, but right now on version 6.0.2 no one will guarantee their

software will work.




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  thanks Alan ,Tobias for your answers.it 's great helpful for me.

  but i have some  questions ,is Acronis backup is included to list of backup solutions you listed above,Alan?

                                                      if i have cracked version of Acronis backup not official version is this helpful or this will harm my XenServers?

                                                      what the difference of export function inside XenCenter for VM and backup solution ,i want to do?


                          thanks a lot.




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