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Hypervisor 8.0: startup automatically with grub timeout ?

Alexander NoName


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Hard to say why that happens, as thst's certainly not normal! You only have one such server correct? I assume the installation stated it completed correctly?

The only other thought at the moment woul dbe to check.upgrade the BIOS.firmware to see if there are any settings that might affect the boot behavior and make sure you're on th emost recent version of the BIOS/firmware.



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Yes, only one server of that kind. I reinstalled XEN on another drive but the result is the same. The installation runs fine (again), virtual machines work without problems. I'll check the bios, maybe it's a ACPI setting or wrong power saving mode.


edit: I tried several ACPI settings but to no avail. For testing purposes I changed the "default entry" in grub.cfg to another number which was interpreted correctly! But the timeout setting in grub.cfg of 5 seconds is (still) not used for some reason.

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