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Help with Citrix licensing

Anup Gandhi



We have a current production farm in domain A with all the components in that domain. (Win2016 - XA7.15LTSR). We are now setting up a new Citrix POC environment (Win2019 - CVAD 1906) in a brand new domain. There is no trust between the current production and the new domain. We will have most of the components of the new environment local to the new domain except the license server. We are planning to use the existing production license server for the new domain.  I have opened the firewall port from the new environment to the license server and its reachable. 


My question is when setting up the site, it fails at the license server check. The error is "Untrusted server".  Is this related to some certificate issue or is it because there is no trust between the two domains? Is there any way I can use the existing license server without establishing trust between the 2 domains?


Thanks for your time.

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I'm not certain whether an actual trust is necessary (I suppose not) but if you walk through the following exact list of checks you should achieve valid licensing:


1. Make sure your license server is upgraded to the newest version (upgrade if it isn't)


2. Doublecheck if you use default ports or have modified them and doublecheck your firewall allows ALL, not just 1:


    License server port number is 27000
    Vendor daemon port number is 7279
    Management console web port is 8082
    Web Services for Licensing port is 8083


3. (optional) Make sure your new windows server is able to browse  the license server (important same master certificates etc)



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