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page file issue on MCS gold image

Krishna Madani


HI Guys,


Good day.


we have seen some message on the citrix MCS servers as the attached.


how to resolve this? we are currently having  two drives on master image which are C and E. E drive is participating in page file with 6GB of space. what do you recommend as best practice? our infrastructure is xenapp7.8 with windows server 2008 R2 as MCS gold image.


Thanks for the help.


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if you want a complete crash dump you want 1x RAM size. since you are using MCS crash dump files wont be saved anyways, I see little point.


I would set to 2048 MB to 4096 MB depending on your comfort level. remember if the server memory is full and the pagefile is exhausted the server will blue screen or start crashing. make sure to put load evaluator rules to mark servers as full to prevent this from occurring and use pagefile as a safety buffer.


if you want to sizing guidelines from Microsoft, look here

           see, https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2860880/how-to-determine-the-appropriate-page-file-size-for-64-bit-versions-of



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