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Netscaler 12 list users connection

J Lo

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After upgrade Netscaler to version 12. The web console interface changed. I cannot find where to show current users connection.


I found it under "Configuration". I thought it was in Dashboard or Reporting.

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Are you referring to gateway users/ica proxy users or admin sessions? Or something else?  Also, real-time info or historical details. (Also, if you already found it; you can ignore this post.)


I don't have a 12.x gui in front of me, but this should get you in the correct ballpark under Configuration, go to NetScaler Gateway node. Then look for monitoring connections in the right-hand pane. You should have active user

sessions for all vpn connections and ICA sessions for all ICA proxy connections.  

Cli version:

show aaa session

show vpn icaConnection


If using the Unified Gateway config, you may also have some additional info under the unified gateway's custom dashboard (bottom three links) in the configuration tab.







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