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Access policy on delivery group to only show via netscaler connections suddenly stopped working

Sean Ritter


The access policy to only show applications on connections from netscaler on one of our delivery groups suddenly stopped working.  It was set to "Connections through netscaler gateway" and the filter was set to the VIP of a certain netscaler.  I've removed the filter so it is connections from any netscaler gateway and the applications are not showing.  If I switch it to "all connections not through netscaler gateway" the applications show on connections from the netscaler.


The only change to the environment that was made was to fix an issue we were having with IOS and reconnecting to sessions and that was to change the authentication settings for the netscaler in storefront from Domain and Token to Domain.  Changing this back did not solve the problem.  No changes have been made on the netscaler prior or after the applications stopped showing in storefront.


Has anyone seen this?



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