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Allow clipboard copy from Citrix session to desktop and visa versa

Andy White1709154166




We are using Citrix 7.15 LTSR CU3 and PC/Mac users are on 1903.


We can copy text between our Citrix session to our local desktop, but not files.  I've enabled the policy called 'Client clipboard redirection' and bound it to all the Delivery Groups, but I still can't copy.  I simply try to right click a text file and then right click and paste it but nothing happens.


Any advise would be great.



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4 hours ago, James Kindon said:

I'm not sure that's quite true. I think you can technically run a mixed environment and we do.


We run 7.18 Storefront/Controllers on our backend because we are not able to immediately update them every time a new release comes out. We have mostly been holding out on the newer Storefront because of the theme changes.  We do update our session hosts more often to keep up new features, bug fixes, etc. So our session hosts are running 1903 VDA and the latest Workspace Apps on our endpoints.


As long as you are able to set those policies (Add "CFX_FILE" to the Client/Session Clipboard Write Allowed Formats), the file copy/paste does work with this mixed environment.

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