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Custom ViewButton icon in StoreFront

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I have added two new viewButton with help of ctxs.extensionapi.addViewButton. I have managed to change the icon from the default circle to a custom png in the style.css file. However.... Everything looks good until I click the last button (Status). Then the icon for the first button (Hjelp / Help) changes to the same icon as the Status button. In the browsers development tool, the lines regarding .Helpclass has a line over them and the .Statusclass is the "active setting" (in loss for better or more accurate words).


What did I do wrong?


Screenshots is attached. See below for the content of the style.css file.



.Helpclass-view .view-sprite {
     background: url('button-help.png') no-repeat;

.Statusclass-view .view-sprite {
     background: url('button-status.png') no-repeat;




Any help is much appreciated :-)





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