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Citrix Workspace on MacOS 10.14.5 not working across two displays

Mike Hughes1709161069


I am using Citrix Workspace across two monitors using a MacBook with MacOS 10.14.5. I can pull up two different electronic health records from two different hospital systems fine until I dock the MacBook to two displays with USB-C connections. One EHR continues to work fine while the other does not appear. It shows up when I display all apps on Mission Control but then disappears again when I select the EHR. If change Display settings in System Preferences to have the displays mirror one another, then it works fine. I can then go back and unselect the mirror option. All cumbersome. Any suggestions how I can get the one EHR to work. Also, it is unclear to me why one works (Cerner) and one doesn't (Epic).

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