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Windows Authentication pass-through to a non citrix IIS web server.

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I want to use our Netscaler VPX to proxy a IIS web based application that uses windows authentication.  I'm looking for any special settings that might be needed to pass windows credentials correctly through the netscaler.  


Everything I've found so far references storefront or the web interface.  This is not our scenario.



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thats possible, you need to setup your ADC to use Kerberos / NTLM. So first is to setup your Active Directory for Kerberos Usage, see https://www.citrix.com/blogs/2016/02/23/kerberos-authentication-with-ntlm-fallback-kcd-sso-to-the-backend/

...and don't forget the SPN Record for your ADC KCD User.


You also need a Server (for example IIS) in your Backend for the Negotiate-Part, see https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX222386


I prefer a traffic policy configured with your KCD Account for SSO / PassThrough, you can bind this Policy (in my example trafficKCDSSO) to your LB vServer which is pointing to your IIS Server in the Backend.




add aaa kcdAccount KCD -realmStr contoso.local -delegatedUser KCD_ServiceUser -kcdPassword <password>
add tm trafficAction trafficKCDSSO -SSO ON -kcdAccount KCD_ServiceUser
add tm trafficPolicy trafficKCDSSO true trafficKCDSSO


Best Regards


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