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After upgrading 7.15 LTSR CU1 to 1906 opening Adobe Reader DC produces a pop-up error "Werfault.exe" (0x0000142)

Andy Vanderbeken


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On 5/29/2020 at 6:06 PM, Ahmed Abdel-Kerim1709152452 said:

I have done additional testing and found the above registry key works if you make the value as follows: AcroRd32.exe;AcroCEF.exe;RdrCEF.exe. Order does not matter.


From Perl's post:


1) Open RegEdit on the VDA

2) Browse to HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\CtxUvi

3) Find UviProcessExcludes on the right panel

4) Edit Settings for UviProcessExcludes

5) Add AcroCEF.exe; RdrCEF.exe;AcroRd32.exe at the end of the Value Data String.

6)Reboot the VDA (Please note, reboot is required)

7) Test opening a PDF.


I do have 1912 CU1 on Windows 2012 R2.

With our adobe upgrade on VAD 1912 LTSR CU3 Windows Server 2016 I found that moving from Adobe Acrobat Reader version 2018.x to Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Version 2022.x did not cause launch errors as described earlier in this thread but caused random unexpected error dialogs while viewing any PDF that were closable. The learn more button pointed to the adobe support article to ensure that no processes such as antivirus or ESM software is hooking DLLs into adobe. We also noticed failure in loading integrated options such as Signature Creation boxes for Fill & Sign and the Email popup would endlessly load a blank box.

This immediately pointed to Citrix hooks for me but I found DLL Exclusions under the CtxHook registry option does not affect this negatively or positively, Similar to previous posters findings, the three adobe processes need to be whitelisted in UviProcessExcludes. For Version 2022 I noticed that AcroRd32.exe is now Acrobat.exe so our entry at the end of the existing UVI list was 'otherprocesses.exe.....;Acrobat.exe;AcroCEF.exe;RdrCEF.exe'. 

The lack of signature placement caused havoc in our back office departments.


Please drop a thumbs up if this helped you!

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