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Citrix gateway Netscaler VPX NS12.1.50.31 password expiry in combination with Azure MFA

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I managed to configure the citrix gateway for allowing password change.

In case an user logs on using AZUREMFA (ldaps 636)  and has an expired password, a notification pops up to change it.


However, after doing so nothing is happening. The reason for this is due to the fact that it's trying to change the password at Azure AD instead of onpremises AD.

In my believe that's read only.

So how can I circumvent this? 

I'm trying to adjust the password expiry notification to just add an redirection to a selfservice password portal but I cant find the source to adjust the expiry page on the Netscaler

Or is there any other trick I can do?



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What is behind your "Azure MFA" Host? You wrote ldaps 636, but Azure MFA is something like NPS with the Azure MFA Extensions installed for your second Factor. Your First factor is ldap to your on prem AD, correct? So the PW Change Operation should directly go to your on prem Domain Controllers.


How do you checked that the pw change request is going to your Azure AD?


Please give me some more details on your auth policies setup in your ADC.



Best Regards


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