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SDX - Force VPX Instances to use Data Interfaces

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Good afternoon


Apologies as I am not that experienced with SDX's so may sound a simple question.

Is there any way to force the VPX NSIP to only use the Data Interfaces when the NSIP, SVM and XS are all on the same VLAN?  We have provisioned a number of VPX instances with them all using 0/1 for the Management VLAN.  We have also added the Management VLAN to an LACP channel on a couple of Data Interfaces which is also assigned to the instance. 

After doing some operational testing today we noticed when pulling the cable from 0/1 on the SDX, all VPX instances drop off the network too.  I was under the impression the NSIP should still listen on the Data Interfaces.

Management network on VPX is configured as L2VLAN rather than NSVLAN.


Many thanks



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You can separate the instances from the SVM by assigning them to 0/2 instead of 0/1 when provisioning them. Or you can move them to a data port  either dedicated to a vm or shared for multiple vms, using security zones.


You would most likely have to move the NSIPs of the instances to a subnet/vlan different than the SVM mgmt ip.  You may still need to ensure management communication between SVM and instance NSIPs.


Example topologies are in the three "consolidation" sections here. I just linked to the security zone one.


But this should point you in the right direction.



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Thank you both for the responses.  In the end we went with the NSVLAN option as the customer did not want to move the VPX management to a separate VLAN.


The VPX instance was recreated in the SDX using the NSVLAN option and both interfaces 0/1 and 0/2 were unticked under the management network.  This forced all the VPX instance management over the Data ports.


Thanks again



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