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NetScaler GUI "Check for updates" results in "Unable to retrieve the system software update right now, please try again later."

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when I try to "check for updates" in the NetScaler GUI I receive the message "Unable to retrieve the system software update right now, please try again later.".

I am aware the issue is related with the config of the Firewall and that we are using a proxy, I just cannot find any information in the documentation that is telling me which internet sites the NetScaler tries to reach to receive updates.


Has anyone any idea?

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Because of the following NOTE I think it is using your local Browser which you are using to connect to your ADC, so kind of a bypass. That's because there is no documentation whether the NSIP or SNIP needs Internet Access to citrix.com/downloads. Is it possible to use a Client with directly internet access, without proxy - and then connect to your ADC using HTTP in Browser, check for Updates again.





The Check for Update link is accessible only if you log into the GUI through HTTP protocol and not through HTTPS protocol.


BTW I am always updating the firmware via CLI, I think thats the most stable way until today. If you don't know how to do this, checkout this old but gold short post from Jason Samuel:




Best Regards



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