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How can I select the account used for Receiver Native SAML logon?

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  • I have configured Gateway + AAA + SAML so that I can authenticate with native Workspace App using SAML credentials. IDP is Azure AD.
  • I am logged on to Windows 10 client machine as User A which is connected to Azure AD.
  • I want to authenticate to the target gateway as User B, which is in a different Azure AD tenant.


However as soon as I try to connect to add the store it automatically attempts to sign me in as User A, screenshot below. I am unsure why this is.

Any ideas as to how I can prevent it from guessing which identity to use for the SAML sign-in?





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So, I believe this occurs because the client workstation is Azure AD joined, which causes Windows to attempt SSO using the primary refresh token (PRT). A fiddler trace shows that the following header is included along with the initial SAML request (this header contains the PRT):

URL    : https://login.microsoftonline.com/<tenant>/saml2
Header : x-ms-RefreshTokenCredential

Which has highlighted two issues:

  1. We do not always want to use the user credentials that are bound to Windows to connect to a SAML store
  2. If the workstation is not Azure AD joined then full credentials are required each time Receiver / Workspace App is loaded -- there is no SSO and the username is also not retained

Has anyone come across this and worked around it?

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