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Compatibility xen 6.5 and grid k2

clement savel


Hi all, i'm currently using xenserver 6.5 with an Nvidia Grid k2.

Here is the driver version installed.




My problem is, when i'm running a vm, i have the following message when i want to open the nvidia control panel :




I tried different gpu type for the vm with xen, none of them make a difference.

The current profile used is the following :




I tried different nvidia drivers, idem. Here is the current driver installed on the vm:





The os is a windows server 2012r2 but have the same issue with a windows 7.

I think it's the xenserver version. do i have to upgrade it?


thanks for your answers.

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You can run the NVIDIA driver version 367.92 for example on XS 7.1 LTSR successfully. As Mark mentions above, you should really upgrade to a newer version of XenServer.

The last K1/K2 drivers are I believe only available up to and including support on XenServer 7.1 LTSR.  You might be able to get away with XS 6.5 and GRID release 5.2; see for example https://www.poppelgaard.com/nvidia-grid-5-2-released


But regardless, XS 6.5 is long deprecated and should not be run in a production environment.



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