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after first connect: Unexpected Respose. Try Again Later: Error Code 438


hello everyone,


i stumbled over a really strange behavior:


I add the store to the Citrix Workspace App.

I receive a login prompt and log in.

I can start Desktop / App.


After i logoff and try to connect again the following error appears.



"Citrix Workspace received a unexpected response. Try again later. Error code: 438"


NetScaler: NS12.0 56.20.nc



We have two other customers over the same netscaler with the same session profile / policys etc. Even same Settings on StoreFront, but they dont have this Problem.


Has anyone idea what can cause that error?


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I was just working with Citrix on this and it looks like it is a known issue with them.  They provided me with a private fix and it now works.  With this private fix, there is one issue I did find.  When I close Workspace App and then reopen it, it doesn't ask for me to authenticate again.  On iOS devices, I'm asked to re-authenticate.  I did inform Citrix of this issue.

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Antony could you please share the fix?


In the meanwhile I built up another xenapp environment without a netscaler gateway and workspace app for ios doesn have this error. If I connect throught the netscaler unified gateway it doesnt work, I have an nfactor flow in it and only IOS show this error. It doesnt appear in Android or Windows workspace app because in this two platform it show the web nfactor iframe after click on login. We should invetigate throught the PL_OS session policy but checking it with citrix CTX it seems ok, I mean Android works.. any suggestion?

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