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Citrix ADC Link Load Balancing incoming and outgoing traffic

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By incoming traffic you mean return traffic for outgoing traffic (sourced from inside)  or traffic sourced from outside towards some VIP ? if its the second case that is not the LLB use case. 


For Scenario1, the incoming (return) traffic will most likely be affected because it would be sourced from an IP (a SNIP / RNAT) which is routed and advertised via SP1 further upstream. 


For Scenario2, this is not LLB - you would need to have redundancy further upstream or in case you are directly connected with both ISPs, you would need have a Public IP range for your VIPs and advertise (using a dynamic routing protocol) those towards both the ISPs further upstream towards the internet

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So in short, link load balancing is only used for load balancing of outgoing traffic right?


Follow up question:

Can i use GSLB for incoming connections from the internet since we can use 1 DNS record for atleast 1 or more public ip's provided by ISP's? 


Correct me if im wrong, can i use GSLB to load balance traffic for 1 specific site and load balance the incoming connections from the internet using 2 ISP?



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