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Citrix 7.15 LTSR CU3 XenApp - MCS on AWS - No facility available


Hi everyone,


we have a problem with our Citrix 7.15 LTSR CU3 environment while we're trying to use MCS on AWS.

Delivery controllers are still on-premises and we want to test VDAs on AWS.


To use MCS on AWS we have created a new hosting connection to AWS with an IAM User with the following access rights: https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX140429

For reliabilty we've created two resources - one each for "eu-central-1a" and "eu-central-1b".

After we've provided an AMI we have created a Machine Catalog for "eu-central-1a" successful. The Machine is up and running, it is registered and successfully tested with a new Delivery Group and a Published Application.

The next step was to do the same with a new Machine Catalog for "eu-central-1b" - using the same hosting connection, the same API keys, the same security group and the same AMI.

And it fails with the following error:




Terminating Error:
A volume service instance could not be launched in your cloud connection. In Studio, select Hosting in the left pane and then select the cloud connection. Click Test Connection in the Actions pane. The test results should provide additional information.
Stack Trace:
   at Citrix.Console.PowerShellSdk.ProvisioningSchemeService.BackgroundTasks.ProvisioningSchemeTask.CheckForTerminatingError(SdkProvisioningSchemeAction sdkProvisioningSchemeAction)
   at Citrix.Console.PowerShellSdk.ProvisioningSchemeService.BackgroundTasks.ProvisioningSchemeTask.WaitForProvisioningSchemeActionCompletion(Guid taskId, Action`1 actionResultsObtained)
   at Citrix.Console.PowerShellSdk.ProvisioningSchemeService.BackgroundTasks.ProvisioningSchemeCreationTask.StartProvisioningAction()
   at Citrix.Console.PowerShellSdk.ProvisioningSchemeService.BackgroundTasks.ProvisioningSchemeCreationTask.RunTask()
   at Citrix.Console.PowerShellSdk.BackgroundTaskService.BackgroundTask.Task.Run()

DesktopStudio_ErrorId : ProvisioningTaskError
ErrorCategory : NotSpecified
ErrorID : NoDiskContentTransferService
TaskErrorInformation : Terminated
InternalErrorMessage : No facility available for disk upload.



So i've started to search forums and so on, but i wasn't able to fix the issue.

- We've tried to create a new hosting connection. 

- We've doublechecked the IAM User rights. (as mentioned in Citrix Support Docs and Citrix discussions

- We've created a new hosting connection and a new resource (as mentioned in another Citrix discussions)

- We've added & removed "UseExplicitVpcForVolumeWorkerBootstrap=true" from the Connection options in the Hosting Connection
-> (after we've created the hosting connection with PowerShell the option wasn't present)


"XenDesktop Temp" and "Preparation - xxxxxxx" VMs are launched on EC2 but after about 32 Minutes the Task is failed and the instances are terminated.


So we're running out of ideas to fix. 

I don't get why one of those resources is running...


Anyone with similar issues?


I appreciate any advice!




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I can't answer the question, but I have exactly the same problem.   The only difference is that we're using EU-West-2a and 2b, and not EU-Central-2a and 2b.    Everything else is the same for us as what you've typed out above.


Will be watching this with interest in case someone has a solution.

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