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Querying OData from PowerShell

Philippe DeLosSantos


Hello all,


I've been playing with PowerShell to query Odata (first time I've ever done this) and have been successful with simple queries such as:
Invoke-RestMethod -UseDefaultCredentials -uri 'http://DDC.fqdn/Citrix/Monitor/OData/v3/Data/Sessions()?$top=10'

Invoke-RestMethod -UseDefaultCredentials -Uri 'http://DDC.fqdn/Citrix/Monitor/OData/v3/Data/Sessions()?$filter=LogOnDuration gt 60000'


But I've been struggling with more complicated queries such as getting all sessions during a particular timespan:

Invoke-RestMethod -UseDefaultCredentials -uri 'http://DDC.fqdn/Citrix/Monitor/OData/v3/Data/Sessions()?$filter = StartDate ge datetime'2019-06-16T04:15:00' and StartDate le datetime'2019-06-17T21:00:00''

 A positional parameter cannot be found that accepts argument '2019-06-16T04:15:00 and StartDate le datetime2019-06-17T21:00:00'


Any hints?


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