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Citrix Profiles for VDI

John Francis1709160537


Can I find a simple document. Just a laymans document in how to setup profile for XenDesktops? It looks like there is not even a simple step by step document in configuring. We already have a Server Desktop environment for which we have a Group Policy that is being applied for profile. In that same policy I want to create for Windows 10 desktops another folder which will write all the users WIndows 10 Policy to it. This is not happening.


Let us say I have the path to the user store \\network shrare\profiles$\Citrix\Win2K12, I want to have similar path but just need to have it written in Win10 folder

\\network shrare\profiles$\Citrix\Win10. 


What needs to be done in order to have this feature and write to it. Say that folder has nothing and it is empty and I want to write to it, I am not going to migrate anything. Any changes on the desktop that is being done (Persistent Desktop) should be written to this \\network shrare\profiles$\Citrix\Win10 folder. What does it take to do this? When I installed the VDA on the VDISK I already chose profile management etc... so, why would it not write?


Thanks in advance. Sorry for this stupid question, but I am pulling my head over this since it is not writing to the folder for the last 3 weeks. Citrix support is also of not much help.

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13 hours ago, James Kindon said:

Carl has the best go to guide for Citrix UPM



i posted this a few days back, might help



Hi James,


Thanks for the info. I think I finally got it working. I am not sure whether this is the right way to do it. But, I had to add the computer objects to the Security Filtering to get the policies applied. These VDIs are on a different datacenter. Before the profile was being written the desktops used to launch fast because there was no profile involved, but now it is taking forever. If I signout of the desktops it takes anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes to sign out as well as reboots. So, I am sure that this is due to the profile location is on a different file server and it is writing over the WAN. 


As, per Carl's document I did disable the following and I need to wait and see how this takes effect. Streaming was already enabled, I disbled Active Writeback. But, even if this does not work and takes a long time, not sure what else could be done.


For users that connect to Citrix in multiple datacenters, there are a couple options:

The user’s roaming profile is located in only one datacenter – If the user connects to a remote datacenter, then the roaming profile must be transmitted across the WAN. To optimize performance, disable Active Write Back, and make sure Profile Streaming is enabled.

The user has separate profiles for each datacenter – There is no replication of profiles between datacenters. This scenario is best for deployments where different applications are hosted in different datacenters.



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you really, really need to fine tune profiles if you are going to pull over a WAN (no idea on the spec)


You may be better off getting some consulting in on this one, profiles are a beast, but they should be nice and fast with UPM, and there are a few options to deal with WAN challenges

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