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Hi All , 


I am looking for a way to provide customers/app teams with a report that shows a graph with service availability of Vserver and corresponding health of backend service/servers . 

i.e if vserver health drops to 80% , the dip in health should show which backend server was out of LB pool . 

I could not find this simple reporting capability in NMAS , does anyone know how to get similar reports generated ? I am looking for NMAS because of its capability to get reports scheduled exported instead of me doing it manually .

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Had a look at the Daily Digest report on Citrix ADM?


Go to System > Notifications.

On the right, click Configure Event Digest Settings.

Enable Event Digest


Doesn't show graphs but shows a summary of events that have happened on the ADC.


There are also some custom dashboards that can be created.

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Thanks Jenny ,  Its very close to what i was looking for , but still lacks the graphs/report that shows whether vserver was up or down or x% healthy , also lack option to add my own graph( currently its limited to connections / transactions/throughput)  and dont show any option to see the state of backend server or a graph about backend server/servicegroup members . 


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