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How to update XenDesktop with new AWS instance types



We are starting to use AWS with our XenDesktop (7.15 LTSR CU3) environment and one thing I've noticed is that the availabe instance types when creating machine catalogs is very out of date.


I've had a look at https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX139707 but even though I wouldn't mind updating that XML file manually, I am struggling to locate an up to date listing of instance types that AWS offers.   Although it does **** a bit that Citrix can't provide an updated list for us, there are only so many AWS regions to provide one for.


We also have a Citrix Cloud POC environment which has a more recent listing than our on-prem environment, but even that is missing ones that I can pick when using AWS natively.


Anyone know where I can go to get a list of types?    Looking specifically for T2.2xlarge and M4.large (although M5 ones would probably be better).

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Actually - I have an easier way.   Download the Cloud Connector software, as used for Citrix Cloud.


That contains a more up to date copy of the XML file referred to in the CTX139707 article referenced above.   Simply copy that file in place of the original (in my case, my on-prem site running 7.15 LTSR CU3) and suddenly you get a much more up to date listing to choose from when creating machines in AWS.


I will keep an eye on this, obviously someone at Citrix is creating and updating that file, and it may even be that it gets updated as part of the automatic updates that get sent to Cloud Connector machines.  It would be really nice if it could be published as a separate download though.

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Thanks for that Prerna.


Everything is working fine, I just want the ability to choose from more instance types.   The standard list that comes with 7.15LTSR CU3 is waaaay out of date with what is actually available in AWS, in fact I don't think it even includes T2.xlarge.   My test deployment works perfectly but a spec of 2 CPUs and 8GB isn't going to support many users running Visual Studio 2017...   :2_grimacing:   


M4.large works perfectly from my Citrix Cloud deployment and is roughly the right sort of spec for a typical XenApp server that we use, so would be nice to get it working easily from my on-prem developers deployment too.


I'll have to try and work out how to get the exact specs to update the XML file, and give it a go.


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