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Receiver upgrade via Netscaler UAG

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NS build


Is there anyway on NS gateway (UAG) to offer a Citrix receiver upgrade, if it is below a minimum version (ie 

At the moment, NS will detect if no receiver exists and offer a version (incidentally.......I’ve no idea where this comes from in the NS or how to upgrade this version offered by NG gateway...is it part of the build?)


For home working/BYOD devices, we are transitioning from Juniper to UAG and most users already have installed.  If is used on UAG this receiver version causes an error 1030 with desktop viewer. So looking for a way to force an upgrade. 


Any changes I make on Storefront to offer an upgrade work internally great but do not carried across externally to UAG. 


Any ideas. 


(I did think about EPA scan but it only blocks access, doesn’t  offer an upgrade.....)


thanks in advance,


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