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Memory usage conflict between Xencenter and VM's resource monitors

Derek Boulware


Hypervisor: XenCenter 7.6

Hosts: XenServer 7.6

VM's: Red Hat EL 7.5, CentOS 7.5, Windows Server 2008

XenServer tools are installed on all VM's.


While reviewing resource usage of our VM's there is a huge difference between the memory usage that XenCenter states a VM is utilizing versus what the Resource Monitor in the OS on that VM states. For instance; XenCenter will state our Web Server is utilizing 4.1 GB  of an 8 GB allocation.  If I log into the Web server and start the Resource Monitor in Red Hat, it states it's only using 1.5GB.  The only VM that matches what XenCenter is reporting is our Windows Server.  All other servers report at least a 50% difference in memory usage.  CPU and Network usage reports are all correct.  Which one do I trust?


Thank you,


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I was unfamiliar with the xentop utility, thank you for the suggestion.  However after running xentop, it only shows the percentage of host memory allocated to each VM, and not what percentage of that memory allocation is being utilized by each VM.


I suppose there is some memory overhead the VM's exert on the host server that the OS itself would not detect.  But I can't imagine it would be a 50% or greater impact.


Could the percentage of memory utilization being reported in XenCenter be the historical peak load required by the VM and not the current utilization?



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