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NetScaler ADNS lookup keeps switching between two countries inspite of static proximity configured

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Was lookin


We have NetScalers installed across two datacenters in the US and Japan with an intent to perform GSLB Active Active routing with static proximity configured ..Each NetScaler (2 in US and 2 in japan) are configured as the authoritative DNS server for the domain


Domain:gslb.company.com , SOA record for Domain created on each netscaler corresponding to the specific name server

Name servers:






NS -A records

NS1US.company.com - ADNS IP

NS2US.company.com - ADNS IP

NS1JP.company.com - ADNS IP

NS2JP.company.com - ADNS IP



Firewall opened from external any to ADNS ips for DNS


Each netscaler is configured with a local site and 3 remote sites representing each NS in the region

The GSLB sites are private IPs and are UP

GSLB method configured is Static Proxmity , static db is configured and is resolving the correct location

GSLB persistence is set , persistence IDs are set to the same number


However while performing a nslookup to the domain address gslb.company.com , we see the DNS reponses are not consistent and switches between US and JP , from a ASIA PC we would expect it to resolve the JP netscalers consistenly, however that doesnt seem to be the case


Would be grateful if you could advice on what could be done to fix this


Have enabled ECS and MIR is disabled , but doesnt seem to have helped much



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