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Citrix ssl server you have selected is not accepting the connection

Darshan A V


Hi Team,

Citrix Error: Citrix ssl server you have selected is not accepting the connection.

Latest Citrix receiver version 4.12 installed on the desktop 

After entering the credentials in login appears when try to lunch client desktop keeps on loading afterwards it's throughs an error like "unable to launch Citrix contact your system administrator with error: Citrix ssl you have selected is not accepting the connection"

When other people attempted to login to Citrix in the same system but error is the same 

And I tried to login in the different system it look like same issue.

But one particular system Citrix desktop able to login and  lunch the desktop.

I am could not able to diagnose the what might be the issue may issue is form Citrix client end or Citrix account issue or local desktop issue. 

Please suggest me how to get out of this problem.

Troubleshooting steps I tried below but nothing works

1.Uninstall the Citrix receiver completely with Receiver remover utility  tool restarted and reinstalled.

2.Apserv in ICA client folder turned ON SSL 

Respond ASAP I am phasing this issue form past two weeks 




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What OS are the clients running? 4.12 is certainly not the most recent version, Receiver has been renamed to 'Citrix Workspace' and has been updated several times since the rename.  Are your clients coming into the environment through a Netscaler Gateway service?


SSL handshake failures are almost always due to an outdated Receiver/Workspace version or misconfiguration of the Netscaler.  Many organizations (Citrix included) have been hardening the SSL Cipher suites so it's possible the environment you're trying to connect to has been hardened and 4.12 may no longer be sufficient.

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