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Eric Wiegand

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Trying to make a custom health check page for Netscaler Gateway connected to Storefront


I cannot add the SYS.VSERVER().STATE expression to a responder. It just doesn't like it. It seems that .STATE isn't a string, but I'm unsure how to convert it to one or how to get it to work

I know I have everything else right because it allows the use of .HEALTH and .STATE.NE(UP)

I cannot use HEALTH because if you take the storefront vip out of service, .HEALTH still reports 100%


This is what I'm trying to add, but it just errors.

add responder action rdr_act_sf_healthcheck respondwith q{"HTTP/1.1 200 OK\r\n\r\n" + "STOREFRONT: " + SYS.VSERVER("sf.company.com_443_vs").STATE}


This is the closest thing that works but it just produces true or false, instead of OK OR FAIL

add responder action rdr_act_sf_healthcheck respondwith q{"HTTP/1.1 200 OK\r\n\r\n" + "STOREFRONT: " + SYS.VSERVER("sf.company.com_443_vs").STATE.NE(UP)}


I want to bind it to the Gateway as a responder but it seems like it tries to go to /vpn/index first no matter what, which then triggers the saml basic auth.

Is there anyway to change that?

The only way so far that I've found is to create a non-addressable, always up VS and use a content switching policy to point it to that and put the responder on there but this is super messy.

Hoping there's another way.

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