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When support for HDX RTOP S4B (RTME) and HDX EDT (UDP) expected for Chrome OS Citrix Workspace?


Good day,


1) Please inform when support for HDX Realtime Optimization Pack for Skype for Business (RTME) is expected for native Chrome OS Citrix Workspace App? I know this is possible on a Chromebook through the Android Workspace app, but that option does not allow multi-monitor support (and it only works when connecting through the Android Workspace app, so just having that installed - but using the Chrome OS Workspace app - is not an option).


2) When is support expected for HDX EDT (UDP) for connectivity, instead of only TCP, when using the Citrix Workspace app for Chrome OS? (Consequently, this also is not supported on the Android version).


Thanks in advance!

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On 6/17/2019 at 8:18 AM, Justin Jacobs1709159414 said:

Any feedback on the second question regarding HDX EDT (UDP) support for the Workspace app for Chrome or the Android Workspace app?


@Justin Jacobs1709159414 - EDT is already supported on the Workspace App for Android and should work as long as the HDX policies that enable EDT are in place on the VDA. You can refer to the workspace feature matrix, where the EDT/UDP feature is shown as 'Adaptive Transport': https://www.citrix.com/content/dam/citrix/en_us/documents/data-sheet/citrix-workspace-app-feature-matrix.pdf.


Also might be helpful to share a knowledge article I wrote in a new Chrome OS focused knowledge community on how to both configure and validate whether or not EDT is in use for the ICA session: https://chrome-experts.neverware.com/s/article/Validating-whether-EDT-UDP-or-TCP-is-in-use-for-your-Citrix-ICA-session


Feel free to follow up with any questions!

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