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Multiple license site

Intildeaki Larena



I have a 7.15.2000 site with a XenApp Advanced delivery group. I'd like to add a XenDesktop VDI Delivery Group. I understand that is possible to have one single site if the license edition match between delivery groups. The new naming of these products is: Virtual Apps standard (XA Avd) and Virtual Desktops standard (XD VDI).

I wonder if being the same edition (Standard) this configuration is possible or not.


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I believe that XenDesktops has to be licensec in User/Device licensemode. 


We run a XenApp delivery group with VA Advanced Concurrent licenses and a XenDesktop delivery group with VD user/device licenses. Since Citrix made it possible to change license mode for individual delivery groups, maybe this also could help in your case.


regards, Cedy

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