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Antivirus layer on Citrix App layer

George Georgiadis


Hi to everyone


We use SEP 14 in an antivirus layer on win10 VDI setup. It is installed in a different layer, we have made the appropriate configuration from the AV Server side for specific VDI desktops and we have run the SEP Virtual Exception tool. What I have noticed and figured is that the VE tool runs on an empty, from applications, desktop. This means that the SEP Autoprotect process constantly scan all applications that came during the "construction" of the image (OS+Platform+Applications), and causes a lot of CPU consumption on each desktop. 


In order to avoid slow performance (I have done all optimizations mentioned on Citrix Support Site, JGSpiers, Carl Stalhood and Citrix Guru sites, thanks guys), i doubled the cpus from 2 to 4, for each desktop. This gives me a descent performance, but made my sizing calculations all wrong.


Is it supported or has anyone run the VE tool on the final image (produced by the Citrix App Layer) just before giving it to MCS or PVS services? This way I could exclude from scanning all installed applications. 

Is there a possibility that something goes wrong or something gets broken,  if I edit the final image?


Thanks in advance,



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