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PVS vDisk Replication/Sync Question

Joshua Lindemann


For the longest time we have run (3) provisioning servers in our environment.  But all the vDisks resided on the primary server.  Obviously this runs the risk that if the PVS1 goes down all your VM's stop because that's where the vDisks reside.


I'm working on properly replicating the vDisks to each PVS.  Regardless on how the vDisk ends up on the other servers I'm trying to understand how to get Provisioning Services to understand how to load balance or pick up the vDisk from PVS2 or PVS3.  Or if PVS1 goes down to switch quickly to a different PVS.

((for the record I manually copied all vDisks & versions from one server to the next to get the process started. On the primary server I exported each vDisk to create the XML file and then copied those over.  I created a new store on the new server and imported all the vDisks))


Within the console, I look at my vDisk pool and choose a vDisk.  replication says "blue" for each. 


What I'm trying to determine, is how does my VM know when to pick up a vDisk,and from which location?  As I see it right now the primary store (Store1) points to PVS1.  Well.... if PVS1 goes down, doesn't that mean regardless if I have it on the other PVS that i'll actually pick it up from a different server?  So I created a store for each PVS.  But the device is set to pickup image from Store1.  If I add the other stores to the VM device, it will most likely create a boot menu to display which is not what I want.


Just a bit confused on how the process actually works. so I know it's there when I need it.


My Setup:


     XenPVS 7.15

     vdisks are located in the relative same spot on each server.  \\PVS1\vdisk     \\PVS2\vdisk      \\PVS3\vdisk

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I would recommend taking a look at the vdisk replication tool that was created by a CCS Senior Architect https://www.citrix.com/blogs/2019/06/04/the-vdisk-replicator-utility-is-finally-finished/ 


I am not sure what you mean by VM know how to pick up the vdisk in the other PVS servers.  This is all automatic if setup properly.  You are using the same relative path so instead of using \\PVS1\vdisk you should setup each each server to use an identical store path like D:\vDisks  this will appear to the PVS servers in the site as the same store across all the PVS servers even though they are local storage.    Then using the replication script you can replicate the vdisks to each store.   You should understand that when settings up your stores using local drives and using the same 

  • If you create a new vDisk or a version in one store the way the database is setup it will appear in the other stores even though the vDisk is not present in the local store
  • It is important to replicate vDisks and versions once they are completed 
  • Inventory service was introduced to support this configuration 


As far as VMs know where to stream from, this is all controlled from the PVS server and re can force a rebalance of targets any time and there are some settings to keep the PVS servers somewhat balanced.  



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